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Gorilla Fastback

Gorilla Fastback

We’ve been working tirelessly for the past year to put WatchGauge together, get the tech right, and partnering with the best micro brands in the world.  We are beyond excited to announce that our first partner brand is Gorilla Watches and the first watch offered on WatchGauge is the Gorilla Fastback!

Gorilla Fastback

Gorilla Fastback

Founded by former Lead Designer of Audemars Piguet, Octavio Garcia, the Gorilla Fastback is the first model from the Gorilla Watch Company.  The watch has been all but sold out through their own website, but we are humbled to say that Octavio and partner Lukas Gopp were kind enough to supply us with 10 Gorilla Fastback watches to offer to our first WatchGauge Clients!

Here is the official introduction video to the Gorilla Fastback!…  Enjoy!


This piece is constructed of some crazy materials!  The case is Ceramic, Anodized Aluminum, Forged Carbon and Titanium!  Beating inside of this beast is an automatic Miyota 8215 movement.  Depth rated to 10 atm (see the Idiots Guide to Depth Rating).

This watch is Awesome!

As I’d mentioned, we’ve only got 10 watches available.  Click here to go see the Gorilla Fastback on!

Email me, call me, message me on any of our social platforms.  I’m happy to answer any questions that I can for you.

If you’ve missed out on this piece, don’t fret!  Octavio and the folks at Gorilla have new watches coming out this Fall!

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3 thoughts on “Gorilla Fastback

  1. Mark E says:

    Nice video, good looking watch, what is the size?

    1. John Keil says:

      44MM, 48.5 with crown protectors. I have to say, it definitely doesn’t wear that large. Probably due to the case materials and how light it is.

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