THE FOUNDATION OF WATCHGAUGE. In May of 2016 while on a business trip to Michigan, John Keil had dinner with two longtime friends and fellow watch industry veterans, Ara and Armen Darakjian of Darakjian Jewelers.  In deep conversation discussing the difficulties that the high-end watch industry has been going through in recent years, the discussion shifted to the amazing boom of unique, high quality micro-brands coming to the market.

As guys who are passionate about all types of watches, all three agreed that some of these micro-brands are extremely well made, have fantastic designs, and are without a doubt one of the fastest growing luxury timepiece based communities around.

What if there was a well curated central location of information surrounding this community?  A place that provides a trusted source to purchase many of the best kept secrets in micro-brands.  A place where both watch veterans and the passing curious enthusiast could really break into, learn about, and take the chronographic dive into becoming an owner in this new and exciting market?

This is the inspiration behind WatchGauge!  Stop in and pull up a seat in this exciting new era in the watchmaking tradition!


John Keil

Co-Creator, Owner

As the saying goes, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

It is for this reason that I joined the Fine Timepiece industry back in 1999. Experienced, knowledgable, and very well connected in the industry, I am always on the lookout to help brands, retailers, and clients achieve their goals.



We will fully educate you on each every brand and watch that we represent.  We feel that to make a purchase decision that you will be happy with, providing you with every bit of education on every watch that we carry will ensure that your decision to buy will be a decision that you’ll be very happy with.



Collectively, we have over 60 years hands-on customer experience in the watch world.  This knowledge is going to be put to use researching and curating the best-of-the-best in terms of select micro-brands to partner with and promote to our community.



Social interaction and great original content is key to this communities success.  We plan on bringing every possible platform for our community to mix from unboxing videos, to watch-on-wrist images, to designer interviews, and much more.  Not to mention hosting weekly Q&A videos where you can submit your questions and we’ll answer them on-stream in upcoming episodes.

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In addition to an amazing selection of timepieces, at WatchGauge we aim to keep our community educated on the many facets of buying, owning, and caring for a timepiece!


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Every day at WatchGauge, our goal is to spread our brand and love of timepieces to those who wish to hear our story.

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